For this project, I wanted to try airbrushing some ground cover such as grass using my Craftwell eBrush. I used three stamps to make this scene. The first one is the grizzly bear from Sutter Stamps. Next, I used the hills/cattails stamp from Seaside Stampin’ Ink. The third one was the Rocky Waterslide stamp from Stampscapes. All of the coloring was done using Spectrum Noir markers.



I began by stamping the bear stamp in the lower left corner. Then I stamped a copy of the bear stamp on some scrap vinyl, cut it out and used it as a mask. I stamped the waterslide image over the top. Then I inked the same stamp and also stamped it to the left of the bear to fill in some of the open space and form the left side of the river.


Then I stamped the cattails shoreline along the lower right to form the foreground of the scene.


Now, ready for some color! I began by creating masks of the horizon line to cover up areas I did not want sprayed, and then proceeded to airbrush the sky. For this I used IB2, TB3 and TB5.


Then I masked off the sky and ground, and proceeded to airbrush the river using IB2, TB4, TB5 and TB7.

river1web        river2web

After completing the river, I masked off the sky and river and airbrushed the grassy areas. For these areas, I used Spectrum Noir markers CG4, DG3, TN6 and TN8.


The Bear was colored by hand using CG5, GG3 and BG3. The stump was also colored by hand using TN6 and TN8.

Here is my completed scene:


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Winter Scene

Here we go, I am attempting my very first blog post!

Today I wanted to practice airbrushing snow with my Spectrum Noir markers in the eBrush airbrush system by Craftwell.

The mountain and river are Stampscapes stamps. I will have to identify the tree stamp and update with the manufacturer of that one.

Here is my stamped scene:


They sky was airbrushed using Spectrum Noir colors BT2, BT4, BT8, TB3, TB5, LV2 and LY2


I stamped a copy of the river scene and used it to mask the rocks and river before airbrushing. I also stamped and cut out a copy of the tree to mask it as well. Here is a sampling of my masked areas (shown in pink).


The background snow was airbrushed using BT2, IB1 and IG1.


The river was colored using BT7, TB3 and BT4. I used IG2, IG4 and IG6 for the rocks. These areas were not airbrushed.


Here is my final scene:


Thanks for checking out my very first blog post! Happy eBrushing!