Winter Scene

Here we go, I am attempting my very first blog post!

Today I wanted to practice airbrushing snow with my Spectrum Noir markers in the eBrush airbrush system by Craftwell.

The mountain and river are Stampscapes stamps. I will have to identify the tree stamp and update with the manufacturer of that one.

Here is my stamped scene:


They sky was airbrushed using Spectrum Noir colors BT2, BT4, BT8, TB3, TB5, LV2 and LY2


I stamped a copy of the river scene and used it to mask the rocks and river before airbrushing. I also stamped and cut out a copy of the tree to mask it as well. Here is a sampling of my masked areas (shown in pink).


The background snow was airbrushed using BT2, IB1 and IG1.


The river was colored using BT7, TB3 and BT4. I used IG2, IG4 and IG6 for the rocks. These areas were not airbrushed.


Here is my final scene:


Thanks for checking out my very first blog post! Happy eBrushing!


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