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Want to learn how to color bumpy toad skin? Spectrum Noir has a great tutorial HERE on their website. For my bumpy toad skin, I used JG3, LG5, TN5 and LG3 for the dots, then blended them using LG3 and TN3.  Colored with Spectrum Noir markers. Shadowing added at edge of matting and title blocks using Spectrum Noir markers in the Craftwell eBrush. Full color list provided below.



Skin – LV1, PP3, FS9, FS5, FS2, FS1
Hair – TN6, TN7, TN8, EB5, EB7, EB8
Overalls/Hat – TB4, TB5, TB7, IB2, IB3, TB9
Shirt/Shoes – CR8, DR5, DR6, DR7, IG5, IG3, IG2, IG1, Blender
Rope – GB2, GB4, GB7, GB9, EB4
Grass – JG6, JG3, LG3
Sky – TB3, TB1
Stump – EB6, EB5, TN9, TN6, TN3
Frog – Dotted JG3, LG5, TN5, LG3, blended with LG3 and TN3, added JG5 in shadows

eBrushing on title blocks with DR7, on image matting with TB9

Image is from Whimsy Stamps


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