Enchanted doorway

This project was featured as a guest designer spot on the Craftwell blog, spotlighting their eBrush airbrush system.

I decided to put my Sheena Douglass A Little Bit Magical Enchanted Doorway stamp set to good use and create a scene that I could use my Craftwell eBrush on to create something Magical!


I began by stamping the bricks stamp on my Spectrum Noir Ultra Smooth Premium White Cardstock, then rotated it 180 degrees, and stamped a second copy.


I stamped two extra copies of the bricks on removable sticky paper called Eclipse Masking Tape (http://www.eclipsetape.com/). I trimmed these out with scissors and placed them over my stamped images on my scene paper to cover them up. In the second photo, I colored them yellow so you can see where they are.

BricksMask BricksMask2

Then I took the tree stamp from the stamp set and stamped it right over the top of my masked bricks. After removing the masks, you can see that this technique gives the appearance that the tree is now behind the bricks. Pretty cool, huh?

DoorwayStampweb DoorwayStamp2web Doorway3web

I continued to use masking pieces to cover up different areas as I worked on eBrushing my picture. First, I used the negative trim pieces from when I cut out the bricks mask to cover up the area around the bricks, then added more pieces of scraps on my page to cover areas that I didn’t want sprayed. Using several shades of Spectrum Noir red markers, I sprayed layers over my bricks to color them in. The second picture shows what the bricks looked like after removing all of the mask pieces.

IMG_20141105_215144_166 IMG_20141105_215431_530

I continued to work different areas, spraying the tree trunk and then the leaves, each time creating masks to cover areas I didn’t want to get hit by overspray.

IMG_20141105_220154_950 IMG_20141105_221035_920 IMG_20141105_221436_423

After completing these areas, I hand colored the rest of the scene using my Spectrum Noir markers.


Then I decided I wanted a dark border around the edge that faded into my scene to make it look like the viewer was peeking through a hole and seeing the magic beyond, so I used several different shades of Spectrum Noir grays and my eBrush to build up a border around my scene.


I had masked off the center of my picture to prevent overspray on the doorway and tree, but this left a hard line where my mask was. I simply used similar shades of my Spectrum Noirs and blended the hard lines out. Then I sprayed a final coat of Black Spectrum Noir around the edge of my picture to really bring the darkness in. I used my eBrush on the medium setting for this effect.


Thanks for taking a peek at my Enchanted Doorway project! I hope I have inspired you to create something Magical as well!


I have been wanting to play around with airbrushing my alcohol ink markers (Spectrum Noir brand) on clear transparency, so I thought I’d give it a go today. I know these two elements don’t play well together sometimes, but I thought I’d see what kind of results I could get with it. I also had an idea to color in behind some of the pieces in the scene with an opaque white ink (used Faber Castell Stamper’s Big White Pen) to make them pop back out. Wasn’t sure if it would work or not, but here are my results.

I began by stamping my scene on the transparency with Stazon Jet Black ink. First I stamped the deer, then I masked the deer and stamped the rocks. After that I masked both the rocks and the deer and stamped the snow hills in the background.

DSCN1106web DSCN1108web DSCN1111web

With my scene ready to go, I grabbed my eBrush airbrush system by Craftwell and proceeded to airbrush my picture, each time masking off areas that
I didn’t want affected by overspray.


DSCN1116web DSCN1117web

With my scene fully colored, it was time to add the opaque white on the back side of the transparency. I decided to put it behind the deer, rocks and snow.


Here is what it looked like placed on top of a bluish cardstock


I played with a few different colors for an undercolor of cardstock and ended up choosing a mauve colored pearlescent cardstock. I used my Xyron machine to apply a layer of adhesive over the entire back of the transparency and adhered it to the cardstock.

The end result looks like this:


Thanks for checking out my latest project!